Kristin Davis


Kristin Davis
Country USA USA
Born February 23, 1965
Age 53 years
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Total 65 pics
Content added July 26, 2010
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Kristin Davis is still oozing hot at 44 which make her a great cast member for the TV show and movie Sexy and the City. Her naturally perfect body is even made more beautiful by her constant yoga sessions. Kristin has very juicy busts and she is not too shy about going out without wearing a bra. This makes us all very lucky. At least we can imagine more easily what those breasts look like.

Kristin's life once became controversial when an alleged sex video of her was released to the public. Kristin denied that it was indeed her who was seen naked and engaging in sex on the video. Nonetheless, it fed the fantasy of fans who want to see the goddess nude and naughty.

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Posted March 24, 2008 by adam

Kristin Davis

Kristin Davis Sex Pics Seems to be Legit

Recent buzz surrounding leaked photos of 'Sex in the City' actress Kristin Davis have reportedly been confirmed as genuine. The pictures were supposedly taken in 1992 by her then boyfriend. A source reports the ex-boyfriend and Davis didn't have a clean break and the guy sought a third party to sell the photos to. comments (0)

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