Kira Reed

Actress and adult movie star

Kira Reed
Country USA USA
Born October 13, 1971
Age 47 years
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Total 5 videos
Content added May 12, 2012
icon legend

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Kira Reed at Mr Skin


Girls like Kira Reed are one of the reasons Playboy magazine is renowned the world over. Fans just love to see those sexy and hot girls go nude. When Reed bared it all in her PB shots, many guys surely went drooling while reading the magazine. That is, if they were not too distracted yet to read.

Reed is not just one ordinary female celebrity. Her numerous R-rated films make her a certified sex icon. She can really put on the moves that can make you sweat from your forehead to your toes. With her legs so smooth, you would do anything just to make your fingers glide on them. But here is one thing that makes Keri stand out: nude or not, she is still hot.

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