Brandy's brother Ray J claims he "made" Kim Kardashian

Posted March 15, 2011 by peter

Kim Kardashian

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Anyone paying even a second's worth of attention to Hollywood celebrity drama would know that Kim Kardashian's career got a massive boost when her sex tape was leaked a while back. What people forgot is the identity of the guy she had sex with in the tape.

Yep, there was a guy in that tape and that dude is now claiming that he is responsible for Kim Kardashian's runaway showbiz success. Quite a claim from Ray J who's main claim to fame is that he is Brandy's brother. What's outrageous is that he now says that he thinks he is owed a chunk of the reported $65 million in earnings the Kardashian family made due to all the notoriety the family got--starting with his sex tape of Kim.

Wait, the wild Charlie Sheen-like claims don't end there. He also claims that his reality ex-girlfriend, Cocktail, got famous because of him as well. He claims that his relationships with Kardashian and Cocktail were deliberately scripted to help them gain fame and success. If that's true, then why hasn't his relationship with HIMSELF produced the fame and success he claims? Maybe it's time to put the pipe down, Ray J?


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  • user

    gunner - December 12, 2011 (06:27)  #419

    Dude should read the contract. Guys dont get paid squat in porn.

  • user

    papaviuq - October 5, 2011 (20:27)  #400

    wow love it

  • user

    Candy - August 16, 2011 (21:43)  #393

    Kim kardashian is the best ever person so ray j Go suck a dick and make sure it's not yours!

  • user

    joselito - June 2, 2011 (05:47)  #374

    if i have kim kadarsian , the way i will sex her she will never forget because i have what see has never seen before .

  • user

    will35 - May 10, 2011 (16:47)  #367

    this is so cool

  • user

    john prats - April 16, 2011 (05:34)  #358

    wild Charlie Sheen-like claims don't end there

  • user

    robert - April 8, 2011 (08:41)  #356

    what a great body kim has

  • user

    Christian A. Tietgen - March 24, 2011 (00:44)  #354

    Being sinful means being successful. It is right.