Kim Cattrall


Kim Cattrall
Country England England
Born August 21, 1956
Age 62 years
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Total 81 pics, 13 videos
Content added April 23, 2013
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Kim Victoria Cattrall is a Canadian actress born in Widnes, England on August 21, 1956. She is best known for portraying the lead roles in films such as Mannequin and Police Academy in the 1980s, and for starring as Samantha Jones in the comedy-romance series Sex and the City.

Kim began her acting career in 1972, when she decided to leave Canada after she finished high school. She went to New York City where she studied in the American Academy of Dramatic Arts. Kim signed a 5-year movie contract with director Otto Preminger after graduation. Her early days as an actress involved television shows, and movies such as "Tribute," "Ticket to Heaven," and "Porky's." Her latest film works include "Crossroads" with Britney Spears in 2002, and Disney's "Ice Princess" in 2005.

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