Kerry Katona

Singer and TV-star

Kerry Katona
Country England England
Born September 6, 1980
Age 38 years
Galleries 8
Total 118 pics, 4 videos
Content added September 15, 2011
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Kerry Jayne Elizabeth Katona was born on September 6 1980 in Cheshire England. Although she is best known as a previous member of the pop girl band Atomic Kitten Kerry Katona is also a magazine columnist and television personality in England.

In 2001 Kerry got pregnant and left Atomic Kitten. A year later she got married to Westlife member Brian McFadden and had two daughters with him Molly Marie McFadden and Lilly Sue McFadden. After her marriage with McFadden she began her television career by appearing on and presenting several television shows such as Elimidate and Loose Women. Kerry and Brian divorced in September 2004.

In February 2007 Kerry got married to a taxi driver named Mark Croft and has a daughter with him named Heidi Elizabeth. Kerry announced in late September 2007 that she and Mark are expecting their second child.

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