Kelly Preston

Actress and model

Kelly Preston
Country USA USA
Born October 13, 1962
Age 56 years
Galleries 8
Total 55 pics, 20 videos
Content added January 25, 2016
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Hawaiian girls are just so hot. They lie on the beach, teasing you with their perfectly curved and tanned bodies. Just looking at them makes you wish that they would ask you to put some tanning lotions on them. This is the picture that you get when you see sexy pictures of Kelly Preston.

Her exotic beauty seems to exude effortlessly an air of sensuality and romance whenever she bares it. Just looking at her makes you want to drop dead on her feet. Her natural breasts and flawless pink nipples are enough to drive you crazy when you see her go topless. You will never get tired of viewing her nude and sex scenes over and over again.

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Posted May 19, 2010 by cindy

Kelly Preston

Kelly Preston is Pregnant

Now this comes as a shocker: Kelly Preston is pregnant at the ripe age of 47 and just months after having lost a son. comments (1) pictures (4)

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