Jane Birkin

Actress, model and singer

Jane Birkin
Country England England
Born December 14, 1946
Age 71 years
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Content added June 1, 2012
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Jane Birkin at Exploited Fame


Although she is already 62, Jane Binkin is considered as one of the hottest stars in the United Kingdom during her younger days. Jane first appeared in the big screen when she played the role of a model in the 1966 hit Blowup. The movie featured several nude women which roused controversy in a decade when nudity and topless scenes were still viewed negatively. She became even more controversial when her orgasmic moans were played in the background of a Gainsbourg song.

The controversies that she caused did not stop her from playing more provocative roles. She is one of the women who changed people's view about sexually explicit films. Her achievements are well-recognized and she is presently a member of the Order of the British Empire.

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