Jaime King


Jaime King
Country USA USA
Born April 23, 1979
Age 39 years
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Content added March 25, 2012
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Jaime King first became known to many in her role as the nurse Betty Bayer in Pearl Harbor. But she actually stole the limelight at an early age. She started her professional career in modeling at the young age of 14 after being discovered in a modeling school.

While "James King", which was her model name, sounds like a man's name, you will be surprised to see how gorgeous this babe is. Her mother is a former beauty queen, which is no wonder why she seems to possess an innately hot personality. In 2003, King finally got the major role she deserved when she starred as Jade in Bulletproof Monk. Jaime King may not be that busty, but fans surely love her nude scenes in Sin City. She also once did a topless catwalk, which features her pierced nipples.

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