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Hilton Sisters
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The Hilton Sisters are well-known for their gorgeous looks and notorious for their lavish lifestyle, for getting extremely photographed party appearances, and for their red carpet fashion.

Paris and Nicky, heiresses to the vast Hilton real estate and hotel fortune, are socialites who have made their way to the Hollywood scene with their modeling and acting careers. Both sisters have made numerous T.V. and movie appearances portraying themselves.

Before Paris became famous for her "That's hot." role in "The Simple Life" with pal Nicole Richie, she surprised all with the "One Night in Paris" sex video. Since then, Paris would be known for her boldness, on and off screen, with her tumultuous love affairs and her brief yet much publicized jail stint.

Nicky, the lesser known Hilton sister, would also gain for herself recognition, as a model and designer with her line called Chick. Consistent party-goers and fashionistas, they continue their glitzy and glamorous love-hate relationship with Hollywood gossips and the paparazzi.

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