Helen Hunt


Helen Hunt
Country USA USA
Born June 15, 1963
Age 55 years
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Content added October 25, 2016
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Helen Hunt is most known for starring in the "Mad About You" sitcom opposite Paul Reiser, but her work as an actress began when she was just eight years old. She studied with her father and director Gordon Hunt at a young age, and she made T.V. appearances in "The Mary Tyler Moore Show," "The Swiss Family Robinson," and "The Facts of Life."

It was in the nineties when Helen Hunt became famous for her role in "Mad About You," and because of her stint here, she proved that she was a bankable actress. Successful movie projects like "Castaway," and "Twister" were added to her list of hits, and soon she gained an Oscar for her work in "As Good As It Gets." On stage, she's been in "Twelfth Night" and "Life x 3." TV and movie star, stage actress, and now a director of "Then She Found Me," Helen Hunt has shown to the world that she can do it all.

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