Gabriella Hall

Model and actress

Gabriella Hall
Country USA USA
Born July 18, 1966
Age 52 years
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Total 4 videos
Content added March 9, 2009
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Every actress has her own imperfection but that is one thing that Gabriella Hall simply does not have. You will find no flaw in this woman's body in her nude scenes in the movie Erotic Confession. Every curve in her body is so perfect that you would wish every woman you meet is just like her. Her bust is so juicy; you would drool after seeing it for a few seconds.

Gabriella first hit the big screen with her sexual appeal in the movie Deadly Addiction. Since then, she has played many more sexual roles after her movie debut. Full Body Massage, Virgins of Sherwood Forest, and Deviant Obsession are just some of the films that can attest to her charm and beauty. Perhaps her Italian and Mexican descent could partly explain why she is just so hot.

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