Elsa Pataky


Elsa Pataky
Country Spain Spain
Born July 18, 1976
Age 42 years
Galleries 11
Total 139 pics, 8 videos
Content added August 15, 2014
icon legend

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Elsa Pataky at Mr Skin


Romanian and Spanish women are some of the hottest women in the planet -- and Elsa Pataky has both of these European countries in her genes. Her oozing hotness first became known to the American audience when she starred in Snakes on a Plane. Apparently, Hollywood has to have more of this gorgeous Spanish gal and so she was given another role in Skate or Die, which was released in 2009. Her gorgeous face has also appeared on the covers of many popular magazines.

Pataky is already oozing with sex appeal with her clothes on, but it will surely drive you crazy when you see her nude. Early in her career, she did nude photos for magazines. She has also done sex scenes in some movies. Those scenes are guaranteed to pump more blood all over your body.

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