Elsa Benitez


Elsa Benitez
Country Mexico Mexico
Born December 8, 1977
Age 40 years
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Total 16 pics
Content added July 23, 2008
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In 1995, Mexican chick Elsa Benitez joined an international model search in Costa Rica. She won, naturally. She has a 36-inch natural bust, a butt that measures 35 inches, and a 24-inch waist in between those stats. She has angular cheeks, tan-looking skin, and lips that remind one of Angelina Jolie's. There could have been no reason for her not to win that pageant.

After that win, she returned to Mexico where her dreams finally became a career. Her fame grew and soon enough, she was already modeling in Europe and in the United States. She became a fantasy for American men and everybody just wants to see what those natural tits look like. Good thing, this chick has some nude pics that give us a view of a goddess' body.

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