Elisabetta Canalis

Model and actress

Elisabetta Canalis
Country Italy Italy
Born September 12, 1978
Age 40 years
Galleries 20
Total 322 pics
Content added September 18, 2012
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Elisabetta Cannalis became known to Americans by playing minor roles in Hollywood films such as Deuce Bigelow 2: The European Gigolo and Virgin Territory. However, that bust she has is no minor thing. Her sexy figure is one of the reasons why she stayed in the mind of many viewers despite the fact that she appeared only briefly in Deuce Bigelow 2. To add to that, she has luscious lips that can really turn the heat on and a gaze that embodies mystery and sensuality.

You can find many pics in the Internet that give us a sneak peek of her naturally big tits but that is not enough. If there is one Italian celebrity that you should see topless, she has got to be it. You will surely drool at that perfect body.

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Posted August 2, 2009 by cindy

Elisabetta Canalis

Elisabetta Canalis Bikini Pictures

The latest Elisabetta Canalis bikini pictures are making lots of guys around the world very jealous of George Clooney and his luck with girls. comments (0)

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