Dominique Swain


Dominique Swain
Country USA USA
Born August 12, 1980
Age 38 years
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Total 47 pics, 12 videos
Content added August 21, 2011
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Dominique Swain at Exploited Fame


Standing at 5'9" and having a gorgeous physique, Dominique Swain has the perfect body that men are looking for. Swain also includes a very strong and magnetic sex appeal in all her TV and movie appearances. Both her sexiness and acting prowess are admired by critics and ordinary people alike.

Swain has already appeared in 35 movies since she made her debut in the 1997 film, Lolita. In this feature film, Swain played the title character, the young and innocent teenager who seduces the character of Jeremy Irons. In the film Mary Jane's Last Dance, Swain played a murderer who uses her irresistible charm and beauty to lure men. Of course, you should expect to see Swain nude in this R-rated movie. But if you want to see this California hottie make out with another hot chick, you should definitely watch the 2002 film New Best Friend.

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