Daniela Pestova


Daniela Pestova
Country CzechRepublic CzechRepublic
Born October 14, 1970
Age 48 years
Galleries 5
Total 87 pics
Content added May 29, 2008
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Daniela Pestova at Exploited Fame


She's blonde, athletic, beautiful, and Czech: what else could you possibly want from a woman? This 5'11" model started her career in Prague and has since made America her second home when she decided to continue her modeling career in New York. Since then, Daniela Pestova's popularity just kept on rising.

Pestova graced the cover of the much-anticipated Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue three times, and her face has also landed on the covers of many popular men's and women's magazines both in the US and abroad. She is also a very popular catwalk and print model of many lingerie brands. In some of her photo shoots, Pestova can be seen topless. Daniela already has a son and a daughter, but she still maintains that hot figure that brought her to the spotlight.

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