Cheryl Cole


Cheryl Cole
Country England England
Born June 30, 1983
Age 35 years
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Total 288 pics
Content added July 21, 2011
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Cheryl Tweedy (Now Cole) is one of the prominent members of Girls Aloud, and she is hot! She's never posed naked, but she has her share of fanboys. As part of Girls Aloud, she's come out with several hit albums and singles. She is also in's single and video, doing additional vocals.

Cheryl has clearly made it on her own, with different offers coming her way. By 2008, she stepped in as judge in The X Factor's fifth season. Her fellow judges have praised her for bringing in fresh opinions to the show. Likewise, she has participated in the Red Nose Day Climb of Mount Kilimanjaro with her fellow Girls Aloud members. Cheryl is currently working on her solo album. She will launch this along with the launch of Girls Aloud's 2010 album.

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