Brigitte Lahaie


Brigitte Lahaie
Country France France
Born October 12, 1955
Age 63 years
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Total 12 videos
Content added August 25, 2014
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It won't be hard to find nude pictures of Brigitte Lahaie online. Brigitte was a very prolific French porn star back in the 80s. She began her career in the hardcore film industry at the age of 20. When she found popularity in her work, she switched to becoming a legitimate actress, taking on roles in mainstream films. Her first traditional film was I as in Icarus. This was followed up with Pour la peau d'un flic.

From acting, she has also dabbled in television and radio. As host in these shows, she mostly discusses sex and love, giving advice to callers and guests. She also became a hostess in an X-rated talk show for a French cable network. While her has not been in-your-face spectacular, there is no denying the impact that Brigitte has on French film and television.

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