Bridget Hall


Bridget Hall
Country USA USA
Born December 12, 1977
Age 40 years
Galleries 3
Total 54 pics
Content added September 10, 2010
icon legend

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Bridget Hall is stunning and sexy -- perfect for one of Forbes' Best Ten Moneymaking Supermodels. Her ranking is no surprise. Bridget has worked hard as model and deserves the attention she is getting now. She has been in the pages of several popular glossy magazines. At the same time, she is in demand as endorser of high end products like Guess Jeans, Pepsi Cola, and Polo Ralph Lauren.

Bridget awed a lot of fans when she appeared almost nude (in a flimsy swimsuit) in the pages of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition for several issues, and as model for Joanne Gair's body painting. To date, she continues to strut down the path to success, working with the top brands, the most in-demand models, and the most noted photographers.

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