Beatrice Dalle


Beatrice Dalle
Country France France
Born December 19, 1964
Age 53 years
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Content added March 27, 2008
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Beatrice Dalle is as controversial as an actress can ever get -- all that's missing are naked pictures of her all over the Internet. (...Oh wait, there are.)

The French actress married Jean-Francois Dalle, a painter, in 1985. After three years, they split up and she worked as a model. This is where she met director Jean-Jacques Beineix, who gave her the lead role in Betty Blue. This launched her to mega stardom in her country, and she even crossed borders to star in the A-Ha music video, Move to Memphis. In the United States, she had a couple of film misses: Night on Earth and the Blackout. She was supposed to star opposite Bruce Willis in The Sixth Sense but was denied a working visa. This was because she had an arrest record in France. To add to the controversy, she soon married Guenael Meziani, a prison inmate.

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