The Aubrey O'Day Nipple Slip that Wasn't

Posted February 2, 2010 by cindy

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Aubrey Oday

Aubrey O'Day suffered a little wardrobe malfunction when wearing a very tight dress yesterday. With so much cleavage and so little fabric, it was bound to happen!

The star of Vegas Peep Show attended the California Entertainer of the Year Awards while dressed in a silver-colored dress that hugged her very curvy physique, and at some point her plunging neckline must've been "too plunging", because one of her areolas peeked out.

Sadly, despite this and Aubrey being a walking-boob-show-waiting-to-happen, the awards ceremony lacked what everyone was waiting for: an Aubrey O'Day nipple slip. Still, she looked simply edible showing so much flesh... Tasty!


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