Asia Argento


Asia Argento
Country Italy Italy
Born September 20, 1975
Age 43 years
Galleries 20
Total 213 pics, 28 videos
Content added August 11, 2014
icon legend

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Asia Argento is far from being daddy's girl, even when she has starred in a few of her father's film. She said that she only did those films to gain his attention. And despite these limited acting goals, she was also able to capture the fascination of many others. This does not even start to mention her nude scene in 1993's Trauma. That was just the start of her rise to film. And, for someone so talented, she deserves the fame and acclaim that she gets.

Asia is one of the few talented actresses who can act in several different languages. She speaks fluent French, English, Russian, and Italian. Thus, her acting talent has crossed borders, and she has worked with many renowned directors in Europe. She has also tried hand in directing, starting with Scarlet Diva.

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