Ashley Tisdale

Actress and singer

Ashley Tisdale
Country USA USA
Born July 2, 1985
Age 33 years
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Total 453 pics, 4 videos
Content added September 26, 2014
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Ashley Tisdale at Exploited Fame


Despite her appeal to teens, Ashley Tisdale has made it to Maxim's Hot 100 List of 2008, ranking a high number ten. Even when she has not been embroiled in nude photos or other controversies, she has gained a considerable following. Perhaps it's because of her perky moves or engaging voice. Or, maybe it's because of her music writing skills and natural appeal. No matter what it is, it is hard to doubt the success of someone so young.

Forbes has ranked her as number 17 of High Earners Under 30. She has two bestselling albums so far, and has done several key television and movie roles. Her most high-profile movies to date are Disney's High School Musical series, where she has been required to showcase her musical talents.

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