Anna Nicole Smith

Sex symbol, model and actress

Anna Nicole Smith
Country USA USA
Born November 28, 1967
Died: February 8, 2007
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Total 160 pics, 24 videos
Content added June 14, 2009
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Anna Nicole Smith, Vickie Lynn Marshall in real life, was born in Houston, Texas on November 28, 1967. Sometime in 1991, she just found herself preparing for an audition for the worlds most famous adult Magazine, which she luckily got in. The boom of her career, however, started when Hugh Hefner chose Smith to be the cover girl of its March 1992 issue.

She also had her own reality show on E! cable network called The Ana Nicole Show, which focuses on her private life. She was very popularly known as an American sex symbol, and after being married to the old, rich man J. Howard Marshall II, she was also accused of gold digging.

She died on February 8, 2007, about 5 months after her son suddenly died in the hospital room while visiting her and her new born daughter.

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