Anna Falchi

Model and actress

Anna Falchi
Country Finland Finland
Born April 22, 1972
Age 46 years
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Total 83 pics
Content added May 24, 2010
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Anna Falchi is beautiful, statuesque, and half-Italian half-Finnish -- perfect for the celebrity status she enjoys in Italy and the rest of Europe. She began as model, where she amazed most everyone with her looks and sex appeal. Some poses were semi-nude, in provocative outfits, which intrigued fans some more. She eventually transitioned to television, through a commercial directed by Federico Fellini. This opened the doors to making films.

Her first break was in the film Nel Continente Nero (On the Dark Continent). This was followed up by Desideria e l'Anello del Drago and Nessun messaggio in segreteria. Pretty soon, she was also gracing television shows. She either came in as a celebrity guest or worked as host. For sure, Europe and the rest of the world will see more of Anna.

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