Ali Larter

Model and actress

Ali Larter
Country USA USA
Born February 28, 1976
Age 42 years
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Content added March 24, 2013
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Ali Larter is a native of Cherry Hill, New Jersey. Starting modeling at the young age of 13, she has traveled the world before she moved to Los Angeles and took up acting lessons. What paved her way into stardom was her involvement in a hoax by Esquire Magazine, which had her portraying a hot young star named Allegra Coleman, which was meant to be a parody of fluff journalism. Despite that, offers from agents continued pouring in.

She landed her first professional acting job on the Chicago Sons television series in 1997. She has been included in various movies: Final Destination, Varsity Blues, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, Legally Blonde, and House on the Haunted Hill. She's also a part of the popular television series Heroes.

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Posted July 28, 2009 by cindy

Ali Larter

Ali Larter Shows her Ass

Ali Larter loves the homeless and we love her for that. And for showing her ass in the process of sparing some change! comments (0) pictures (3)

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