Aisleyne Horgan Wallace

Model and TV-personality

Aisleyne Horgan Wallace
Country England England
Born December 28, 1978
Age 39 years
Galleries 13
Total 218 pics
Content added February 11, 2014
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Aisleyne Horgan Wallace at Exploited Fame


Who wouldn't want to live with Aisleyne Horgan Wallace? Aisleyne is best known for her stint in UK's Big Brother. It is not surprising that she finished third, one of the highest ranking ever reached by a female contestant in the show. The audience just loved her.

Before her stint in the show, she was already working as glamour model. This was where she first captured the fascination of her audience. Of course, it did not hurt that she posed partially nude in some of her glamour shots. With Big Brother under her belt, she became more in demand as model, gracing the pages of many popular UK magazines. She has also come out with her own calendar, where she posed provocatively and partly nude.

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Posted May 20, 2009 by cindy

Aisleyne Horgan Wallace

Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace nipple slip

Celebrities are getting more and more daring these last days, showing their tits and pussies in what seems to be a back-to-Paris-Hilton-era type of trend. comments (0)

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