Abigail Clancy


Abigail Clancy
Country England England
Born January 10, 1986
Age 32 years
Galleries 13
Total 215 pics
Content added August 15, 2014
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Abigail Clancy first gained popularity as runner up in the second season of Britain's Next Top Model. She didn't get first place because the judges thought she was more glamour. They were looking for a high fashion model. But, as Abigail has proven, there's nothing wrong with being a glamour model. You'd want to see a glamour model nude than a high fashion model any day. And then, of course, this was also the time she gained immense popularity as the girlfriend of soccer player Peter Crouch.

Abigail used her new-found fame to become a legitimate runway and print model. She has graced the pages of Maxim and FHM, where she posed semi-nude. She worked as a television host, and has even done her own reality show, Beauty and the Best.

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